Facebook Emoticon Codes

List of Facebook emoticons

The official Facebook emoticon codes can be used on private messages and chats at Facebook.

Just type the emoticon code and you get one of these official Facebook emoticons.

You should also check out the Messenger Emoticons, there are full lists of emoticon codes for various messengers.

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List of Facebook emoticons

Emote: smile
Emote: grin
Emote: wink
Emote: happy
Emote: sleepy
Emote: moustache
Emote: frown
Emote: cry
Emote: unsure
Emote: confused
Emote: upset
Emote: mad
Emote: kiss
Emote: tongue
Emote: shocked
Emote: glasses
Emote: sun glasses
Emote: pacman
Emote: angel
Emote: devil
Emote: heart
Emote: robot
Emote: putnam
Emote: shark
Emote: penguin
Emote: 42
Emote: like

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