Skype Emoticons with new Design

List of new Skype emoticons

The new skype emoticons reached with version 5.5, first published on Windows and Android versions, Mac and iOS will follow later.

With this update Skype added completly new designed emoticons. The new emoticons went from 19x19px to a 20x20px body.

So the guys, who have designed them have bigger space to improve the eyes and some other things.

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List of New Skype Emoticons

You will also found 7 complete new emoticon additions, in this version and you can only use them in Skype 5.5.

Emote: faceplam new facepalm skype emoticon (facepalm)
Emote: fingercrossed new fingercrossed skype emoticon (fingercrossed)
Emote: waiting new waiting skype emoticon (waiting)
Emote: highfive new highfive skype emoticon (highfive)
Emote: lalala new lalala skype emoticon (lalala)
Emote: working from home new working from home skype emoticon (wfh)
Emote: tumbleweed new tumbleweed skype emoticon (tumbleweed)

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List of New Hidden Skype Emoticons

With the redesign of the Skype emoticons, they also added new hidden skype emoticons.

Emote: what the fuck new what the fuck skype emoticon (wtf)

Overall they have designed 98 emoticons in different sizes, from 20px up to 80px. John Hicks have designed the new static emoticons, the animation of the emoticons was done from Julian Frost.

They have done a perfect job in my eyes. The Animation of the new Skype emoticons is absolut stunning. But take a look yourself, if you’re using Skype the next time.