My name is Enrico Gollnow also known as “Erni”, I’m an Emoticonist. Gomotes is the place where I show you my work.

I live in Germany, in the beautiful city Berlin.

Since 2002 I’ve designed emotes, over the years I have worked with different styles, but my target was to find my very own style.

Back in June 2010 I started the project “Gomotes” the brand for my self-made emotes.

  • You enjoy my emotes?
    I design emotes, for online communications. Show the digital world, with a simple image how you feel.

    If you want to use my emotes in your chats, sites or projects. Go for it.

    I would really appreciate, if you add a link back, to my site or just leave a note where the emotes come from.

Creative colorful emotes, Gomotes offers you a lot of them. Browse through the emote collections or use search for a particular emote.

Show me if you enjoy an emote and use the Rating feature.

Take part in Emote Battles, elect your favorite. The winning emote is going to be part of the Hall of Fame.

  • What means Gomotes?
    Gomotes is the brand for my self-made emotes.

    I decided to use the first two letters from my family name and combined it with the word emotes, also known as emoticons.

    Gollnow + Emotes = Gomotes. That’s all behind Gomotes.

If you’ve any questions contact me at erni at gomotes dot com

Enrico Gollnow
Konrad-Wolf-Str. 136
D-13055 Berlin
erni at gomotes dot com