Skype Emoticon Codes

List of Skype emoticons

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here is a list of all skype emoticon codes, find all skype emoticons included the hidden emoticons.

The skype emoticons are also listed into the messenger emoticons list.

This emoticon list offer you the most popular emoticon codes.

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List of Skype emoticons

Emote: smile
Emote: sad
Emote: laugh
Emote: cool
Emote: wink
Emote: crying
Emote: sweating
Emote: speechless
Emote: kiss
Emote: tongue out
Emote: blush
Emote: wondering
Emote: sleepy
Emote: dull
Emote: in love
Emote: evil grin
Emote: talking
Emote: yawn
Emote: puke
Emote: doh
Emote: angry
Emote: it wasn't me
Emote: party
Emote: worried
Emote: mm
Emote: nerd
Emote: lips sealed
Emote: hi
Emote: call
Emote: devil
Emote: envy
Emote: make up
Emote: clapping hands
Emote: rolling on the floor
Emote: happy
Emote: nodding
Emote: punch
Emote: finger
Emote: drunk
Emote: rock
Emote: fubar
Emote: tmi
Emote: bear
Emote: angel
Emote: wait
Emote: covered laugh
Emote: thinking
Emote: whew
Emote: smirking
Emote: shaking
Emote: emo
Emote: bandit
Emote: smoking
Emote: headbang
Emote: swear
Emote: bug
Emote: mooning
Emote: yes
Emote: no
Emote: shaking hands
Emote: heart
Emote: broken heart
Emote: mail
Emote: flower
Emote: rain
Emote: sun
Emote: time
Emote: music
Emote: movie
Emote: phone
Emote: coffee
Emote: pizza
Emote: cash
Emote: muscle
Emote: cake
Emote: beer
Emote: drink
Emote: star
Emote: skype
Emote: dance
Emote: ninja
Emote: bow
Emote: toivo
Emote: poolparty
Emote: heidy

Don’t miss the new skype emoticons with version 5.5. and the skype flag emoticon codes you can use into your skype messenger.

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67 thoughts on “Skype Emoticon Codes”
  1. I want to know there is a hidden skype graphic emoticon

    of a cat (black) pawing its right leg on the ground

    How do I make this?

    Thanks Sam please get back to me asap

  2. Hi Sam if you hold three or more letters together, maybe the cat appear on Skype, but I’m not really sure if it is the cat you mean.

  3. Heya i figure out some flags :) type (flag:NZ) for instance and it comes up as the New Zealand flag :D

  4. Hi yep you can almost display every flag in skype, maybe I should give you an overview about them, too. :)

  5. Hey how do you do the pencil with a hand snaping it? i think u have to home down something but what!?!?!?! :arrow: <— test :P

  6. lol how do you get the pencil with a sharpener? and to get the cat thing hold sword C,A,T (the letters)

  7. Oh do you get the cat to stay. I can get the cat by holding the Letters C.A.T down at once, but how do you get it to stick and be able to use it?

  8. there are awesome skype emoticons but as u upgrade some dont work on the screen :)
    and are there any other cool emoticons you guys know about? :x

  9. how do you do the cat one i tryed holding down c.a.t and it didnt work and also dose anyone know one for a fish or any kind of animal? :)

  10. Can someone tell me how to do “five second hug” from the love section?
    To be clear, I’m attempting this in Skype

  11. maybe the cat doesn’t stay because it’s a cat that belongs to a witch? can you do animals? plz tell me how. (if u can!!) how to do pencil sharpener one?? plz tell me!

  12. the cat one was to display multiple keys being held down. like a cat walking on your keyboard. i think its any three keys

  13. does anybody know how to make a pink bow on skype cuz a lot of my friends do it but i don’t know how to?????!!!!!!!

  14. if u want to know how to do a bum, type in this (mooning) and a cat is catttttttttttttttttttttt hold cat all together, (drunk) cool (cool) (smoking) all of them are really cool skype emotcions. i don’t know how to do facebook emotcions but i know that there is a poop one, its so funny trust me. i hope all of you like my help, i like yours aswell, thank you!!!!!!!!! :? :P

  15. Hi Guys! I was just looking at the comments and I found out how to do flags. So, for example I am from Sweden, Czech Republic and the United States. You need to find the shortcut for your flag. Like for Czech Republic it is CZ. So you can do (flag:CZ) and for Sweden it is SE so (flag:SE) or for the United States it is US so (flag:US) So know you can do flags in an easy way…………..Post flags and enjoy.

    Luv Ya Guys,
    Jules Krals

  16. heh, me again. :D also I was wondering, on how to get the person banging their head on a wall? ty! :D

  17. I Was Just Wondering, how do you do a pink bow, or poop? As people have been saying, or how do you do a dead guy? Maybe any minecraft emoticons? Please? :?

  18. Hi. I was wondering how I can make a minecraft emotion? If there isn’t one can they make one? Or can I make my own?

  19. The cat one is supposed to signify that there is a cat standing on the keyboard. This is because of the keys being pressed down, like a cat would if it was standing on the keyboard.

  20. How do you make hands typing while a pencil is in front of the hands typing on the keyboard? Just press a,s,d. That’s all but if there is even more ways or your confused reply and I will answer it!

  21. I know how to do the person is baning his head AWalrusWithABukket it easy peasy to do that its (headbang) or (banghead)

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