New Yahoo Emoticons with version 11

List of new Yahoo emoticons

The Yahoo Messenger version 11 brought some fresh emoticons. Overall there are 22 new emoticons, you can use for your conversations. Following you found a overview with all new emoticons and the associated emoticon code to show them right in your communications.

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List of New Yahoo Emoticons

Emote: cheer
Emote: cook
Emote: give up
Emote: hot
Emote: vomit
Emote: catch
Emote: highfive
: –)/\: –)
Emote: search me
Emote: studying
Emote: gift
Emote: down on luck
Emote: dizzy
Emote: eat
Emote: cold
Emote: music
Emote: sing
Emote: exercise
Emote: spooky
Emote: tv
Emote: unlucky
Emote: fight
Emote: gaming

Don’t miss the full list of Yahoo Emoticon Codes.

With these new emoticon additions they have completed an amazing emoticon set. I really like the animations they choose, for the expressions.

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