Messenger Emoticons

Below you will find some lists, with the available emoticons and their associated text you enter to use the emoticon.

Twitter emoticons

Use the text emoticons into your tweets at Twitter.

Facebook emoticons

Emote: smile :)
Emote: grin :D
Emote: wink ;)
Emote: happy ^_^
Emote: sleepy -_-
Emote: moustache :3
Emote: frown :(
Emote: cry :'(
Emote: unsure :/
Emote: confused o.O
Emote: upset >:o
Emote: mad >:(
Emote: kiss :*
Emote: tongue :p
Emote: shocked :o
Emote: glasses 8)
Emote: sun glasses 8|
Emote: pacman :v
Emote: angel O:)
Emote: devil 3:)
Emote: heart <3
Emote: robot :|]
Emote: putnam :putnam:
Emote: shark (^^^)
Emote: penguin <(")
Emote: 42 :42:
Emote: like (Y)

The Facebook emoticons can be used in the official Facebook chat.

WordPress emoticons

Emote: arrow :arrow:
Emote: big grin :D
Emote: confused :?
Emote: cool 8)
Emote: cry :cry:
Emote: eek 80
Emote: evil :evil:
Emote: exclaim :!:
Emote: idea :idea:
Emote: lol :lol:
Emote: mad :x
Emote: mr green :mrgreen:
Emote: neutral :|
Emote: question :?:
Emote: razz :P
Emote: red face :oops:
Emote: roll eyes :roll:
Emote: sad :(
Emote: smile :)
Emote: suprised :o
Emote: twisted :twisted:
Emote: wink ;)

The original WordPress emoticons can be used on every WordPress blog, in comments or articles.

Skype emoticons

Emote: smile :)
Emote: sad :(
Emote: laugh :D
Emote: cool 8)
Emote: wink :o
Emote: crying ;(
Emote: sweating (:|
Emote: speechless :|
Emote: kiss :*
Emote: tongue out :P
Emote: blush :$
Emote: wondering :^)
Emote: sleepy |-)
Emote: dull |(
Emote: in love (inlove)
Emote: evil grin >:)
Emote: talking (talk)
Emote: yawn (yawn)
Emote: puke :&
Emote: doh (doh)
Emote: angry xD
Emote: it wasn't me (wasntme)
Emote: party (party)
Emote: worried :S
Emote: mm (mm)
Emote: nerd 8|
Emote: lips sealed :x
Emote: hi (hi)
Emote: call (call)
Emote: devil (devil)
Emote: angel (angel)
Emote: envy (envy)
Emote: wait (wait)
Emote: make up (makeup)
Emote: covered laugh (giggle)
Emote: clapping hands (clap)
Emote: thinking :?
Emote: rolling on the floor (rofl)
Emote: whew (whew)
Emote: happy (happy)
Emote: smirking (smirk)
Emote: nodding (nod)
Emote: shaking (shake)
Emote: punch (punch)
Emote: emo (emo)
Emote: finger (finger)
Emote: bandit (bandit)
Emote: drunk (drunk)
Emote: smoking (snoke)
Emote: rock (rock)
Emote: headbang (headbang)
Emote: fubar (fubar)
Emote: swear (swear)
Emote: tmi (tmi)
Emote: bug (bug)
Emote: heidy (heidy)
Emote: mooning (mooning)
Emote: bear (bear)

Emote: yes (y)
Emote: no (n)
Emote: shaking hands (handshake)
Emote: heart (h)
Emote: broken heart (u)
Emote: mail (e)
Emote: flower (f)
Emote: rain (rain)
Emote: sun (sun)
Emote: time (time)
Emote: music (music)
Emote: movie (movie)
Emote: phone (ph)
Emote: coffee (coffee)
Emote: pizza (pizza)
Emote: cash (cash)
Emote: muscle (muscle)
Emote: cake (cake)
Emote: beer (beer)
Emote: drink (d)
Emote: star (*)
Emote: skype (skype)
Emote: dance (dance)
Emote: ninja (ninja)
Emote: bow (bow)
Emote: toivo (toivo)
Emote: poolparty (poolparty)

Skype emoticons since version 5.5

Emote: new facepalm skype emoticon (facepalm)
Emote: new fingercrossed skype emoticon (fingercrossed)
Emote: new waiting skype emoticon (waiting)
Emote: new highfive skype emoticon (highfive)
Emote: new lalala skype emoticon (lalala)
Emote: new working from home skype emoticon (wfh)
Emote: new tumbleweed skype emoticon (tumbleweed)
Emote: new what the fuck skype emoticon (wtf)

The official Skype emoticons, can be used on Skype Instant Messenger.

Yahoo emoticons

Emote: happy :)
Emote: sad :(
Emote: wink ;)
Emote: big grin :D
Emote: batting eyelashes ;;)
Emote: batting eyelashes ;;)
Emote: big hug >:D<
Emote: confused :-/
Emote: love stuck :x
Emote: blushing :“>
Emote: tongue :P
Emote: kiss :-*
Emote: broken heart =((
Emote: surprise :-O
Emote: angry X(
Emote: smug :>
Emote: cool B-)
Emote: worried :-S
Emote: whew #:-S
Emote: devil >:)
Emote: crying :((
Emote: laughing :))
Emote: straight face :|
Emote: raised eyebrows /:)
Emote: rolling on the floor =))
Emote: angel O:-)
Emote: nerd :-B
Emote: talk to the hand =;
Emote: call me :-c
Emote: on the phone :)]
Emote: at wits' end ~X(
Emote: wave :-h
Emote: time out :-t
Emote: day dreaming 8->
Emote: sleepy I-)
Emote: rolling eyes 8-|
Emote: loser L-)
Emote: sick :-&
Emote: don't tell anyone :-$
Emote: no talking [-(
Emote: clown :O)
Emote: silly 8-}
Emote: party <:-P
Emote: yawn (:|
Emote: drooling =P~
Emote: thinking :-?
Emote: d'oh #-o
Emote: applause =D>
Emote: nail biting :-SS
Emote: hypnotize @-)
Emote: liar :^o
Emote: waiting :-w
Emote: sigh :-<
Emote: phbbbt >:P
Emote: cowboy <):)
Emote: i don't want to see X_X
Emote: hurry up :!!
Emote: rock on \m/
Emote: thumbs down :-q
Emote: thumbs up :-bd
Emote: it wasn't me ^#(^
Emote: pirate :ar!
Emote: puppy dog eyes :o3
Emote: i don't know :-??
Emote: not listening %-(
Emote: pig :@)
Emote: cow 3:-O
Emote: monkey :(|)
Emote: chicken ~:>
Emote: rose @};-
Emote: good luck %%-
Emote: pumpkin (~~)
Emote: coffee ~O)
Emote: idea *-:)
Emote: skull 8-X
Emote: bug =:)
Emote: alien >-)
Emote: frustated :-L
Emote: praying [-O<
Emote: money eyes $-)
Emote: whistling :-"
Emote: feeling beet up b-(
Emote: peace sign :)>-
Emote: shame on you [-X
Emote: dancing \:D/
Emote: bring it on >:/
Emote: hee hee ;))
Emote: chatter box :-@
Emote: not worthy ^:)^
Emote: oh go on :-j
Emote: star (*)
Emote: hiro o->
Emote: billy o=>
Emote: aril o-+
Emote: yin yang (%)
Emote: bzz :bz
Emote: transformer [..]

Yahoo emoticons since version 11

Emote: cheer ~^o^~
Emote: cook []
Emote: give up :-(||>
Emote: hot :::^^:::
Emote: vomit :puke!
Emote: catch o|:-)
Emote: highfive : -)/\: -)
Emote: search me ‘@@
Emote: studying ?@_@?
Emote: gift &[]
Emote: down on luck %*-{
Emote: dizzy ‘@^@|||
Emote: eat ^o^||3
Emote: cold '++
Emote: music o|^_^|o
Emote: sing o|\~
Emote: exercise []==[]
Emote: spooky [-O<
Emote: tv :(tv)
Emote: unlucky %||:-{
Emote: fight :(fight)
Emote: gaming :(game)

The Yahoo emoticons can be used in the official Yahoo! Messenger.

MSN emoticons

Emote: smile :)
Emote: eek :o
Emote: wink ;)
Emote: confused :s
Emote: cry :'(
Emote: cool (h)
Emote: angel (a)
Emote: discreet :-#
Emote: nerd 8-|
Emote: whisper :-*
Emote: don't know :^)
Emote: party <:o)
Emote: yawn |-)
Emote: big grin :d
Emote: tongue :p
Emote: frown :(
Emote: stare :|
Emote: embarassed :$
Emote: mad :@
Emote: evil (6)
Emote: rage 8o|
Emote: sarcastic ^o)
Emote: sick +o(
Emote: thoughtful *-)
Emote: eyes roll 8-)

The MSN emoticons can be used in Windows Live Messenger. I only list the emoticons. A full list of the icons, you can use in Windows Live Messenger, can be found at resource site from MSN.

11 Responses to Messenger Emoticons

  1. Nilli says:

    This is a great list! Every emoticonist should make it their goal to create replacement packs for all of these emoticons, to provide alternatives to the internet. It might not be possible to actually change what emoticons you use in some applications (like Skype) but by making replacement packs for them anyway people could use their favorite emoticons on other sites, like forums. The default WordPress and PHPBB emoticon pack doesn’t include feelings like sleepy or loving, so Skype users who often use (yawn) or (inlove) would probably appreciate if their favorite forum provided useful alternatives to those feelings.

    Again, great list. You should keep adding to it whenever you stumble upon emoticon lists from popular websites.

  2. Erni says:

    True words, I try to do it on Gomotes. But it would really cool if erveryone would follow it. I keep my eyes open and if I found a new list I will add them!

  3. Zooey says:

    Great, great list!! How good is it to be able to use these whenever I think “I wish I coul–”!!

  4. Erni says:

    Yes. Maybe a Bookmark is fine and you found them easily, if you need one out of the list. Idea Emoticon by Gomotes

  5. MYT CR8TiV says:

    Facebook has some long code emoticons as well. I’ll share some of my favorites with you !

    *Must be entered with the [[ ]] brackets*

    [[326134990738733]] – Pikachu
    [[236147243124900]] – Pokeball
    [[155393057897143]] – Doraemon
    [[334954663181745]] – Spongebob
    [[138529122927104]] – Pedo Bear
    [[332936966718584]] – Hello Kitty
    [[252497564817075]] – Keroppi
    [[157680577671754]] – Angry Bird
    [[250128751720149]] – Domo

  6. Erni says:

    Wow never heard about them, thanks for sharing them… :)

  7. Adam says:

    i used to have the smurf emoticon back in the day.i lost it and don’t remember the key for it.does anyone know the hidden smurf emoticon?

  8. escourts says:

    Hello Team! Im new to this web page and I wanted to say Hi. This can be a great web-site and im glad I joined. New to this blog thanks for the welcome. I just came to this wonderful blog and wanted to introduce myself to everyone. This really is such an excellent internet site.

  9. Erni says:

    You’re welcome!

  10. Abishekh Kc says:

    I wan’t twitter emoticons code,

  11. Erni says:

    @Abishekh Kc
    use the text emoticons on twitter

Emoticons: :arrow: :D :? 8) :cry: 8O :evil: :!: :idea: :lol: :x :mrgreen: :| :?: :P :oops: :roll: :( :) :o :twisted: ;)
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