WordPress Emoticon Codes

List of WordPress emoticons

The blog software WordPress offer in it installation a set of emoticons. You can use these emoticons for your articles and into your comments.

I show you a list of all emoticons from WordPress, also I offer you a free emoticon set to style up your default WordPress emoticons.

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Gomotes offer hundreds image emoticons for your online conversations.

  • If you don’t want to show emoticons into your own WordPress. You can easily turn them of.

    Go to your admin page via the Dashbord > Settings > Writing here you have the option to turn the emotes off or on.

    If you marked “Convert emoticons to graphics on display” and click save changes you get the WordPress smileys on your page.

List of WordPress emoticons

Emote: arrow
Emote: big grin
Emote: confused
Emote: cool
Emote: cry
Emote: eek
Emote: evil
Emote: exclaim
Emote: idea
Emote: lol
Emote: mad
Emote: mr green
Emote: neutral
Emote: question
Emote: razz
Emote: red face
Emote: roll eyes
Emote: sad
Emote: smile
Emote: suprised
Emote: twisted
Emote: wink

To display the emoticon into your comment, just mark the code and then copy and paste it to the place where you want to use the emoticon.

  • New emoticons for your own WordPress. If you want to update your old WordPress emoticons with some fresh new emoticons, this is very simple.

    I offer you a colorful emoticon set with some advice how you can install it, on your own WordPress page.

Do you want to see more list of emoticons for other messengers browse the emoticon messenger list.

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