Gomotes Review of 2012

The year 2012 was a good year for Gomotes. A lot of users found this place and like what they found here. So I wanted to bring you some nice facts of your favourite emoticons on Gomotes in 2012. So take your time to browse this review and maybe you found some interesting emoticons for your conversations.

Your favourite emoticons from 2012

+4 faves
Friday the 13th Emoticon by Gomotes
Friday the 13th

+3 faves
Black Cat Emoticon by Gomotes
Black Cat

+2 faves
Scared Emoticon by Gomotes

+3 faves
Shake Head Emoticon by Gomotes
Shake Head

+3 faves
Jason Voorhees Emoticon by Gomotes
Jason Voorhees

+2 faves
What the Fuck Emoticon by Gomotes
What th Fuck

+3 faves
Zombie Chase Emoticon by Gomotes
Zombie Chase

+3 faves
Zombie Emoticon by Gomotes

+2 faves
Ohh no Emoticon by Gomotes
Ohh no

Overall 89 emoticons was added to faves in 2012.

  • You need some help with the fave feature on Gomotes and wanted to know more informations about this feature? The following tutorial will help you: How to fave an emoticon?

Most viewed emoticons from 2012

These emoticons was the most viewed emoticons on Gomotes in 2012.

  • Every emoticon on Gomotes have his own page, where you can found a lot of features you can use: like fave the emoticon, zoom into the emoticon, change background of the emoticon and all codes to use the emoticon in your conversations.

Top 10 emoticon archives in 2012

  • The emoticon archives offer you similiar emoticons for one topic, browse them to found more emoticons on Gomotes.

Most visitors on Gomotes in 2012 come from

  • 1st United States
  • 2nd United Kingdom
  • 3rd India
  • 4th Australia
  • 5th Poland
  • 6th Germany
  • 7th Canada
  • 8th Philippines
  • 9th Malaysia
  • 10th Bulgaria
  • Overall Gomotes had visitors from 202 countries around the globe. A big thanks to you all, you set allways a smile on my face.

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I really like this review a lot because it seems some of my emoticons are useful for your conversations. In 2013 I can’t promise anything but I hope I could provide you with some new emoticons and informations of what happend into the emoticon scene around the globe. So if you’ve questions to emoticons, Gomotes or to myself just write me via mail or use the comments section on Gomotes.

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  • Mood: Sob Emoticon by Gomotes

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