Gomotes Review December 2012

Hey guys,

let’s take a look of what happend in december on Gomotes. This article bring all informations together. So relax and enjoy it.

Gomote of the month

Gangnam Style Emoticon
Gangnam Style Emoticon by Gomotes

Overall 162 people was part of the emoticon battle in december. This is a new record… Thanks to you!

Your favourite emoticons from last month

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Paranoid Emoticon by Gomotes

+1 fave
Shake Head Emoticon by Gomotes
Shake Head

+1 fave
AK 47 Emoticon by Gomotes
AK 47

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Cheer Dance Emoticon by Gomotes
Cheer Dance

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Zombie Chase Emoticon by Gomotes
Zombie Chase

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Friday the 13th Emoticon by Gomotes
Friday the 13th

Overall 12 emoticons was added to faves in December.

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Most viewed emoticons from last month

Top 5 emoticon archives

Most visitors on Gomotes come from

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • Australia
  • Canada

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So guys this was the review on Gomotes for the last month. I wish you all the best for 2013! Cheers…

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3 thoughts on “Gomotes Review December 2012”
  1. India? Australia? Mei, Erni. Das geht ja ab. Freut mich das es so International ist. :D
    Nur fehlt Germany ;(

    Hoffe es kommen noch mehr tolle Smilies. Ich wünsche dir aufjedenfall ein gesundes, ideenreiches neues Jahr. ;)

  2. Ja Germany gammelt auf Platz 6 rum :|

    Danke Melissa das kann ich gebrauchen. Versuche mein bestes auch dieses Jahr ein paar neue Kreationen anzufertigen. Wünsche dir für 2013 auch nur das beste!

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