The best Emoticons on Gomotes

I thought about this feature a long time, and now finally it’s live on Gomotes. The new section called Top Emoticons. You’ll found there a list with the 30 best emoticons of all time on Gomotes.

This list used the results from the fave feature I installed on Gomotes. I updated this list from time to time manual, if something changed. So here we have another feature where you could decide if an emoticon went into this list or not.

If you like an emoticon what was uploaded on Gomotes, you could add with a simple mouse click a fave to it.

  • You need some help with the fave feature on Gomotes and wanted to know more informations about this feature? The following tutorial will help you: How to fave an emoticon?

So maybe you like the new section, if you’ve ideas or improvements for this section just tell me into the comments.

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