Ultimate Emoticon Battle 2012

The time has come 2012 is gone and so we have all emoticons together for the Ultimate Emoticon Battle 2012. We choose the Emoticon of the Year 2012 and you decide which emoticon get the title!

Following I’ll show you the 13 emoticons which are part of the Ultimate Emoticon Battle 2012. If you’re sure which emoticon you wanted to choose. Submit your vote to the Ultimate Emoticon Battle 2012.

January 2012woo emoticon

Woo Emoticon by Gomotes

February 2012kiss emoticon

Kiss Emoticon by Gomotes

March 2012thinking emoticon

Thinking Emoticon by Gomotes

April 2012scared emoticon

Scared Emoticon by Gomotes

May 2012letter a emoticon

Letter A Emoticon by Gomotes

June 2012air guitar emoticon

Air Guitar Emoticon by Gomotes

July 2012happy italy emoticon

Happy Italy Emoticon by Gomotes

August 2012sign idea emoticon

Sign Idea Emotion Animation by Gomotes

September 2012bolt arms emoticon

Bolt Arms Emoticon by Gomotes

October 2012chest high emoticon

Chest High Emoticon by Gomotes

November 2012michael myers stab emoticon

Michael Myers Stab Emoticon by Gomotes

December 2012gangnam style emoticon

Gangnam Style Emoticon by Gomotes

Emoticon of the year 2011pulp fiction emoticon

Pulp Fiction Dance Emoticon by Gomotes

These are the emoticons of the Ultimate Emoticon Battle 2012, so lets get ready to rumble…

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