4 Years of Gomotes

Hey guys,

it’s now 4 years ago where I started the project Gomotes. For this occasion I worked the last days a lot on the site. I changed some things, because it was important for me to go back to the roots. With the new structure of the site I tried to focus on the important things. The new layout is ready for your mobile devices. Maybe I changed some colors in the future, we’ll see it.

  • Gomotes have over 500 emoticons at the moment and I try my best to come up with new emoticons in the future.

I made some mistakes, with the site update, but in the end I hope you’ve a good feeling browsing through the site.

With some older ideas, I want to give you more options on Gomotes. I added Moods and Facts to the main navigation. I’m still working on these pages so that you have a nice source.

The idea behind moods, is to express your actual mood with a simple emoticon. You don’t have to write a lot of words and in the end nobody understand what you feel. So it is easier to show an image of your actual mood and everybody know how do you feel right now.

If you missed a mood, just ask me if I can add it to the list.

Important facts around emoticons, if something interesting happend I try to add it to this page. So you’ve an nice overview in the end.

Also the features you can use on Gomotes, are free and you need no registration. So it’s up to you to take part in current emoticon battles. Rate your favorite emoticons, zoom into emoticons to see all details or change the background of the emoticon via the Emoticon Box.

  • Find similiar emoticons via the emoticon archives or the emoticon tags at the bottom of each emoticon article.

If you want to leave some feedback, with comments you’ve the option to get in touch. If you don’t want to miss new updates follow Gomotes, via Social Networks.

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  • Mood: Boogie Emoticon

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