Emoticon Request

You search for a specific emoticon, here is your chance to get a original one!

  • You’ve an idea for a new emoticon and you like the style of my emotes? mmmmh
    Don’t be shy and ask me, if I can do an emoticon for you! ahh, that was it!

I’m open for your ideas, but there are some points where you can help, that your request fulfilled…

  • Color: Tell me which color I should use.
  • Description: The better your explanation, the more I understand what you want.
  • Visual: If you’ve an image or a site link, that represents your idea. Add this to your request.
  • The more detailed your request is, more chances, to get a emoticon. If I release your idea I give credit. Please notice I can’t fulfill every request. But it does not hurt to ask!

I made a lot of emoticons on request. Find them in my collections.

Recent requests
from Cooper: Middle Finger
from Jennifer: Exciting Wave
from Wim: Dutch Supporter
from Emaniuz: Philippine Flag
from KM: Inbetweeners Dance

Ask for new Emoticons

Use social networks and submit your ideas…

Or send me an mail to erni at gomotes dot com. You want to see new emoticons, just let me know it!