Emoticon Facts


a quick view of what emoticons are. Most of you thought emoticons are smileys, but there’re differences between them.

  • The word Emoticon consist of emotion and icon.
  • Emoticon You’ve text emoticons and also images which replace the text emoticons.
  • Emote is the short form from emoticon. An emote, is a pixel image in various colors and come in a size of 15×15 pixel.
  • Smiley is slightly larger in size, then an emoticon and mostly come with a yellow color.
  • Emojis are icons which display several characters, emotions and objects.

The start of text emoticons
It was the 19th September 1982 where Professor Scott Elliott Fahlman, published the first time the smile :-) and frown :-( emoticon into a computer science board.

How the image emoticons get alive
In the nineties more and more text emoticons was converted into image emoticons. Most message boards and messengers added graphical replacements for written text emoticons.

What are emotes?
An emote is a small pixel image in various colors, which replace written text emoticons. Emotes are very small so that they don’t destroy the flow of reading in online communications.

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The Smiley
The Smiley is a big yellow image, most of the time a smiley destroy the flow of reading in online communications.

The start of the Emoji
In the late nineties Emoji were invented from Shigetaka Kurita for Japanese cell phones.

Emoji stand for picture character. And display emotions, objects and characters.

Today the Unicode Consortium take care of Emojis. Emoji are Symbols in a font and available for most mobile devices.

Google, Apple, Windows and Twitter have all there own Emoji Set’s.

  • How to unlock Emoji on Apple IOS
    Simply go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add new Keyboard > and search for Emojis.

    You’ve now a globe button on your keyboard tab on it to switch between letters and Emojis.

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