Ultimate Emoticon Battle 2011

The year 2011 passed away and so it’s time to find the emoticon of the year 2011. You decided with your vote in the Ultime Emoticon Battle 2011 which emoticon get the title. Spread the word to your friends and let your favorite emoticon win.

As allways 13 emoticons fight for the title. Every emoticon which won the last years monthly emoticon battles and the emoticon of the year from previous year.

Following you found all 13 emoticons which take part in this years Ultimate Emoticon Battle. Within two mouse clicks you can choose your favorite emoticon from the Ultimate Emoticon Battle. So choose wisely because you only have one vote for the Ultimate Emoticon Battle.

January 2011t-rex emoticon

T-Rex Emoticon by Gomotes

February 2011heart attack emoticon

Heart Attack Emoticon by Gomotes

March 2011joy dance emoticon

Joy Dance Emoticon by Gomotes

April 2011freak tamer emoticon

Freak Tamer Emoticon by Gomotes

May 2011love gun emoticon

Love Gun Emoticon by Gomotes

June 2011oh noes emoticon

Oh noes Emoticon by Gomotes

July 2011what the fuck emoticon

What the Fuck Emoticon by Gomotes

August 2011happy cry emoticon

Happy Cry Emoticon by Gomotes

September 2011child play emoticon

Child Play Emoticon by Gomotes

October 2011black cat emoticon

Black Cat Emoticon by Gomotes

November 2011ghost emoticon

Ghost Emoticon by Gomotes

December 2011oh my fucking god emoticon

OMFG Emoticon by Gomotes

Emoticon of the year 2010pulp fiction emoticon

Pulp Fiction Dance Emoticon by Gomotes

At the bottom of the page are two votes made sure you can vote on both. So let the Ultimate Emoticon Battle beginn…

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