Gomotes Review December 2011

Hello and Happy New Year everyone, should 2012 went out great for everyone of you.

It’s time to take a look back what happend last month on Gomotes. Some nice little things started like the alphabet emoticon project. Also I decided to run Gomotes under a Creative Commons License. And the site structure have changed to something simplier to browse. I hope you enjoy your stay at Gomotes and now we start with some statistics and links for more informations.

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Gomote of the month

Oh my fucking god Emoticon
OMFG Emoticon by Gomotes

The oh my fucking god emoticon was your favorite emoticon last month and so it went into the Hall of Fame, overall 53 people voted at the emoticon battle. Thanks to them!

Don’t miss the actual emoticon battle: boggie vs. woo
What’s your favorite emoticon dance to express your joy?

Also the Ultimate Emoticon Battle 2011 started right now choose your favorite emoticon of the year 2011!

Your favorite gomotes from last month
4 emoticons was added from you to your personal favorites everyone of them once.

I changed this section and added the emoticons you’ve added to your personal favorites.

The most viewed gomotes from last month

These emoticons was the previous reviews shown under favorite emoticons I change them now to the most viewed.

The Top 5 emoticon archives

The most visitors come from

  • Poland
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom

So this was the review on Gomotes in December 2011. I hope you had a nice time in 2011 on Gomotes. We’ll read us 2012.

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