The first month is over!

Time is running again. Many things have already been implemented, more are waiting to be addressed. I am satisfied, with what has so far emerged. If you think, I could do things better. Then takes the opportunity, to address this now.

I added a twitter and rss button to the sidebar, so you can easily follow the latest informations. You can also use facebook, if you don’t want to miss new updates.

Gomote of the month
The first emoticon battle at Gomotes is over and we’ve a winner.
Welcome Welcome by Gomotes

Don’t miss the actual emoticon battle: lol vs. lmao

Your favorite emoticons
Ohh no by Gomotes Yay by Gomotes Big Grin by Gomotes Cool by Gomotes Love by Gomotes

I hope you’ve a lot of fun with Gomotes.

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