More Details for using Gomotes

I’m not sure, how you handle this site. So I wanted to give you some informations and tricks, what you can do with Gomotes.

The Main Site
This place show you all news and information about Gomotes. The latest article can be found immediately on the home page. If you were not over a longer period of time here. You find at the end of each article, a link that takes you to the previous one. Also you can find on the right, the five latest posts. If you are only interested in certain articles, you can choose a single categorie.

At the moment you can choose out of following categories battle, global and informations.


  • the newest emoticon battles


  • Emoticons from all over the world.


  • Everything related to my projects

If you want to take a look at the articles from a specific month you can use the drop down menu on the right.

If you use social networks. And don’t want missed new informations about Gomotes. You can follow me at Facebook or Twitter, also you can add Gomotes to your RSS reader. So you catch every new informations easily.

A overview about emoticons, with some examples.

This is maybe for you the best part of Gomotes. Here you can find every single gomote. You’ve different options in the emoticon gallery. If you like a emoticon, you can add it to your favorites, or you can share the emoticon with your friends via email, twitter, delcious or facebook.

The best part is that you’ve the ubb or html code, for every single gomote. So that you can easily use my gomotes, world wide. Notice what is allowed and what is not allowed, in the about page from the emoticon gallery.

This section give you some gomotes, that represented moods. So you can easily show your friends how you feel today.

If you’ve a idea for a new emoticon, this is the place, where you can tell me. I’ve done a lot of requests, so it does not hurt to ask.

You ever wanted to know what for emoticons you can use on instant messengers? This site show you the text code you must type and the graphical emoticon for the replacement.

At the moment are no downloads available, but I hope I can publish some special gomotes collections, in the near future.

Here I’ve a lot in mind, but I’ve not choosen what I represented there first.

I hope these informations will help you to use Gomotes in a better way.

  • Emoticon Box

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