New Feature Zoom on Gomotes

Every now and then I was asked why I made my emoticons so small? The reason is that they should fitted into written text, without destroying the text flow. In my eyes it looks worse if a simple graphic destroy the whole site.

For everyone which did not recognize all these small details I add to my emoticons have now the chance to zoom into every emoticon which is released on Gomotes. I really hope that you can now easily recognize what the emoticon display. I tested the zoom feature on different browsers and plattforms and it works. If you’ve some probleme or other issues just get in touch. And I try to fix it.

The zoom feature is implented into the emoticon tool box. If you cick on an emoticon the box will appear directly under the emoticon and the description. Just use the two buttons to zoom in and out.

So happy zooming and we read us soon.

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