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As you may noticed I add to the Emoticon Tool Box another feature. Called Emoticon Archive in my eyes it’s for the people that come from search engines easier to found similar emoticons. With just one click they reached the whole emoticon archive where I add all emoticons that fitted to this archive.

I just try to made your stay at Gomotes even more comfortable. Also I add some descriptions at the home page. The reason is that I’ve heard that a lot of people are confusing when the reached the site. Maybe this is a beginn to made it easier to understand what we have here at Gomotes and what you can found here.

The share button for Google+ was removed, because they destroy the w3c valadiation. Also made some little updates that the site is valid again. If you want to spread the emoticons with your friends just use the link from the site and add it where you wanted.

If you’ve any ideas to improve the site just let me know it and I see what I can do for you.

Hope everyone is fine, we read us…

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