How can I vote for my favorite emote, in the emoticon battle?

Hey guys,

this tutorial, will show you how easily it is to be part of the emote battle.

Find the latest battle and elect your favorite emote.

how to vote on the emoticon battle
How to be part, at the emote battle.

At least you need two clicks to be part of the emote battle. Mark the emote you like and click the vote button. You need no registration, to be part of the battle. You’ve one vote for each battle.

  • Every month we’ve on Gomotes a new emote battle. Normally two emotes fight into the battle and you decide with your vote the results of the battle. The winning emote get award and went into the Hall of Fame. Once a year we’ve also the ultimate emote battle. In this battle fight all twelve monthly winners and the winner from the previous ultimate emote battle, for the title Gomote of the Year.

If you missed a battle, you can view them all in the battle category or just take a look into the Hall of Fame, where you find all winning emoticons since 2006.

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  • Info: You want to learn more about Gomotes? Then take a look at the tutorials.