Gomotes the second month is over

Huzzah, this month was pretty cool. I had finally the time to finished my work at Gomotes, to launch the site now officially. I changed a little bit the structure, so you can now easily browse to everything in what you are interessted.

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Also if you’re interessted, of what you can do with Gomotes, I launched the tutorial section. There you will find answers to some questions.

Gomote of the month
This month it was a head to head runnin, with the following winner.

lmao emoticon

Don’t miss the actual emoticon battle: hug vs. sigh hug.

Your favorite gomotes this month




Ohh no

Thumbs Up

Heart Attack

The Top 5 emoticon archives

The most visitors come from

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  • Canada

So I hope you’ve a great time at Gomotes.

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