Gomotes Review September 2014

Hi guys,

I had to handle some Pc problems lately and with a lack of motivation the review is damn late this month. So let us take a view of what happend in September on Gomotes…

Emote of the Month

Alien Emoticon
Alien Emoticon

Overall 59 people taken part last Emoticon Battle.

User most popular emoticons from last month

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Homer Simpson Emoticon

+1 like
Flower Emoticon

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Smile Emoticon

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Funny Clap Emoticon
Funny Clap

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Slenderman Emoticon

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Visitation Emoticon

Overall 15 emoticons was rated in September.

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User most viewed emoticons from last month

Fuck Emoticon

X-Men Wolverine Emoticon

Screaming Zombie Emoticon
Screaming Zombie

Zombie Chase Emoticon
Zombie Chase

Horny Emoticon

Hello Kitty Emoticon
Hello Kitty

These emoticons was the most viewed emoticons in August.

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User Top 5 emoticon archives

Most visitors on Gomotes come from

  • 1st United States
  • 2nd United Kingdom
  • 3rd Germany
  • 4th Canada
  • 5th Philippines
  • Overall Gomotes had visitors from 158 countries around the globe in September.

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  • A big thank to all of you, it’s great that some people like my emoticons.

This was the review from September 2014 on Gomotes. Keep on smiling…

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