Emoticon Review 2010

With 2010 another year is gone and I want to take a look back to the last year. Going through some interessting points and show you some emoticon highlights from the last year.

As every year since 2006 we searched the emoticon of the year, for my self I’m very happy about your votes because we have a new emoticon that reached the title.

The pulp fiction emoticon take the victory at the end of the ultimate emoticon battle 2010. At the bottom of the page, you will found the actual emoticon of the month and also the emoticon of the year. If you’re interessted, you will found every winner from the emoticon battles in the Hall of Fame. Since 2006 you will found every emoticon which was victorious.

Emoticon of the year 2010

pulp fiction emoticon

Notice, that already a new emoticon battle launched. As we need, new candidates for the ultimate emoticon battle 2011. Like always, you decide with your vote, which emoticon went into the hall of fame. If you need some help to be part at the emoticon battle I made a tutotrial for you.

The start from Gomotes on June 22nd was the best thing, I’ve done the last year. I provide you my new emoticon, my older emoticons. I wrote about emoticons I found in the world wide web. And the best you can add hearts to your favorite emoticons, you can share the emoticons with your friends. You can view my emoticons, how they would look on light and dark backgrounds. And you can use them directly into your conversations via UBB or HTML Code. Emoticon heart what you want more?

Now I’ve some stats for you.

The most viewed gomotes in 2010






Screaming Zombie

Top 10 emoticon archives in 2010

Top 10 visitor countries in 2010

  • Germany
  • United States
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • France
  • Indonesia
  • Poland
  • Netherlands

So I hope you have a great time with Gomotes in 2011. Only the best for you my dear users.

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