You catch my eyes #3

Welcome to the third edition from you catch my eyes. A series which promoted some nice emoticons, I found via the internet.

From `krissi001
Boulder Dash Emote – This emoticon looks like a little videogame, I really like the little details in this master piece. Overall fantastic work.

From `Droneguard
Equal Rights Partyhard – It is allways great, what Droneguard made out of emoticons. I really like his art and the blurring effect is a must see, in this nice animated emoticon art.

From ~emocx
2012 ALIEN INVASION – Alien Invasion is a really nice pixel scene with lot of expression in it. Tha fact that this is only with grey tons is perfect. No wonder that he won the 2012 contest at emoticonopus.

From *Soulnova
Flame Arrow – That emoticon set a big smile on my face, I really like the funny addition in this emoticon. It is also very well animated. A must seen emoticon for sure. Congrats for it!

From =Ledmaiden
Autumn – A very nice pixel scene perfect fitted for Halloween, I really like the eyes you found in the background.

From *AutumnOwl
Behind the Cloud – Remember if you can not the the sun because there are too many clouds. She is there the sun, so yellow warm thins we need so often. Perfect captured pixel scene.

From =madb0y
Little Campfire – I really like the pixel backgrounds from madb0y, the fire animation is really nice captured and the light effects from the fire are well done.

So these are the featured emoticons in the third edition. We’ll see us again at the 4th edition. Hope you’ve a great time!

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