Welcome to Gomotes

Welcome to my site, Exciting Wave Emoticon

Gomotes is the place of my self-made pixel emotes. I capture emotions and little stories in my work.

I design emoticons for online communications, you can use them for free. Just check the guidelines for more information.

  • Emotes is a short form from emoticons. Big Grin Emoticon

    I pixel my emotes with a 15px body and try to keep them simple and easy recognizable. Letter U Emoticon

    They should not destroy the flow of reading in a online communication. Sob Emoticon

You find my work in different collections, every collection has a specific theme. Find similar emotes via tags, or use search for a particular emote.

From time to time I add new emotes to Gomotes, be part of the site elect your favorite emote in the latest battle or rate emotes you enjoy.

  • Ask for new emoticonsYou like my emotes and you’ve a idea for a new one, send me your request via mail.
  • Battlesevery month and once a year, you can choose your favorite emote in current Battles.
  • Ratingshow me if you enjoy an emote
  • Sharesend emotes via mail to your friends

If you need some help take a further look to the tutorials, I made for you.

So I hope you enjoy your stay at Gomotes.

Best Regards Erni

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