Emoticon Guidelines

Howdy guys,

following I want to tell you how you can use my emotes.

  • I create emotes, for online communications. So if you like my emotes, you can use them for your project.

There are some simple points I made for the usage of my emotes.

  • You may use my emotes for free.
  • If you use my emotes I would appreciate it, that you link to Gomotes or add a note, where the emotes come from.

Easy rules: the points in the green box are ok, the points in the red box are not ok.

Not allowed
  • Claim my emotes as your own or moidify them in anyway.
  • The use of my emotes for commercial purposes, without my permission.

If you want to use the emotes for commercial purposes, contact me to discuss the terms.

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  • Info: You want to learn more about Gomotes? Take a look at the tutorials.