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Hi folks,

this page offer you my unique, self-made smileys for free. Many of you know my work Smile Emoticon as smileys or smilies. If you browse my site you notice the images I design are very small, but smileys are in real slightly bigger. So the work I do can also called image emoticons.

  • There are tons of smiley pages into the world wide web, but with Gomotes you’ve found a special one. This page have unique image emoticons for different themes, you get new image emoticons and you can ask, for special image emoticons.

Image emoticons are replacements for text emoticons. Everyone of us use emoticons once in their life, maybe in chats or mails.

  • For example this smiling text emoticon :)

Back in the nineties more and more sites replace your written text emoticons with graphical images. So the image emoticons was born. Today every big site has there own image emoticon set.

Due the lack of creativity from some of these emoticons I started to design my own emoticons. Over 10 years now I work on different styles for my image emoticons. Here on Gomotes I share with you my own unique style. Colorful image emoticons for various themes.

My target is that you can use my image emoticons for your projects or conversations without these uniform emoticons everyone use. Bring more life into your chats with the emoticons from Gomotes.

  • Many of you know my work as smileys or smilies. But my images are better known as emoticons.
    Emoticon is made up of the words emotion and icon. The short form is the word emotes. So I decided to name my project here Gomotes. Unique image emotes for your chats.

It’s now up to you to check this site for my emotes or you will miss some really fine emotes. Ohh no Emoticon If you want to learn more about the site continue with the welcome text. Here I give you a overview of my project.

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