Ultimate Emoticon Battle 2014

Welcome guys,

the year 2014 is over, now it’s time to choose the ultimate emoticon from the last year. You’ve one choice to choose out of 13 emoticons. The emoticon with the most votes get the title Emoticon of the Year.

Here’re the 13 emoticons which are part into the Ultimate Emoticon Battle 2014. If you’ve a favorite be sure to submit your vote.

January 2014giggle emoticon

Giggle Emoticon

February 2014cuddle heart emoticon

Cuddle Heart Emoticon

March 2014horny emoticon

Horny Emoticon

April 2014hee emoticon

Hee Emoticon

May 2014take me emoticon

Take Me Emoticon

June 2014number one emoticon

Number One Emoticon

July 2014kiss the world cup emoticon

Kiss the World Cup Emoticon

August 2014letter u emoticon

Letter U Emoticon

September 2014alien emoticon

Alien Emoticon

October 2014ahh emoticon

Ahh Emoticon

November 2014charming emoticon

Charming Emoticon

December 2014hump emoticon

Hump Emoticon

Emoticon of the year 2013vampire emoticon

Vampire Emoticon

These are the emoticons from the Ultimate Emoticon Battle 2014, so let’s get ready to rumble…