Ultimate Emoticon Battle 2010

We search the emoticon of the year 2010. And you decided with your vote, which emoticon catch this trophy. Like every year since 2006 we search the emoticon of the year. So tell your friends about this event, the more people vote the better chances your favorite emoticon will take the victory.

This year fight again 13 emoticons, to be your favorite. All emoticon which won the monthly emoticon battles and the emoticon of the year from the last year, are part on the ultimate emoticon battle 2010.

Following you will find all 13 emoticons, to submit your vote scroll the site down and choose your favorite in the ultimate emoticon battle 2010 and click on vote.

January 2010moustache emoticon

moustache emoticon

February 2010eager emoticon

eager emoticon

March 2010ak47 emoticon

ak47 emoticon

April 2010pulp fiction emoticon

pulp fiction emoticon

May 2010love emoticon

love emoticon

June 2010w00t emoticon

w00t emoticon

July 2010welcome emoticon

welcome emoticon

August 2010lmao emoticon

lmao emoticon

September 2010sigh hug emoticon

sigh hug emoticon

October 2010samara emoticon

samara emoticon

November 2010facepalm emoticon

facepalm emoticon

December 2010awesome emoticon

awesome emoticon

Emoticon of the year 2009yay emoticon

yay emoticon

You have only one vote, so take your choice wisely. There are two votes at the end of the site, so be sure you can vote on both!

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  • Info: To submit your vote scroll the site down, choose your favorite from the battle, mark it and click on vote.