Site Update: Hall of Fame

Howdy folks,

finally after a lot of hard work, the Hall of Fame is finished. All emoticons which won since 2006, are now online on Gomotes. So you can use all of them easily for your conversations.

  • The Hall of Fame offer you all winning emoticons, from the emoticon battles. The users from Gomotes choose with their vote the emoticons. Don’t miss the current emoticon battle: lazy vs. lips glued

With this update I release a new feature called emoticon awards. With this feature you can easily recognize if the emoticon was awarded with different awards. Like the other features, you can found it into the emoticon box.

  • Every emoticon on Gomotes have his own emoticon box. Into this box are all features you can use on Gomotes. You need no registration and everyone can use them. Example of the emoticon box scroll down, under the description from the emoticon it starts with Designed by.

Over at deviantArt I asked if it is easy for you to browse through Gomotes? I recognize some, have trouble to browse the site. What are your thoughts?

With this question, krissi001 come with the idea to show the amount of emoticons, you can found into the emoticon archives. I like it so I added it to the site.

So enjoy the updates and I wish you a nice stay on Gomotes.

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