Matt Jones design new Facebook Emoticons

Facebook decided to redesign their emoticons and hires a Pixar story illustrator. Matt Jones should redesign the old facebook expressions, with a whole new set of custom-made emoticons.

The new emoticons should not look that flat and yellow like the old ones. He wanted to use some colours for the new emoticons. Also new expressions come up with the new facebook emoticons.

  • Old Facebook emoticon: smile smile expression

I’m tense of his redesign, because it’s not always easy to bring the expressions into just a few pixels. So that the emoticons work into a chat-box. With his work at Pixar he have perfect knowledge of human expressions, bring into digital graphics.

So good luck to Matt Jones and his new emoticons for Facebook.

  • Emoticon Box
  • Mood: Stare Emoticon by Gomotes

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