Legendary Emoticon

Wow I was really impressed as I browsed today deviantART. One of my emoticon creations went into the Emoticon Legend. I never thought that deviantART made another update, because the last one is not long ago.

This emoticon update was one with some happy emoticons, found all 5 new emoticons in the official news from devianART.

With :hooray: there went a gomote into the Emoticon Legend from deviantART.

only one thing yay

I’m very happy about it, and I’m glad that my gomotes goes around the world. It’s amazing if you go along the history of the emoticon, win the Emoticon Battle in June 2009 and get the title Gomote of the month 06/09, win the Ultimate Emoticon Battle 2009 and get the title Emoticon of the year 2009 and that’s not all get a Daily Deviation at deviantART on 08. April 2011. And now it’s a legendary emoticon at deviantART.

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