How to use Gomotes on Facebook

Hi folks,

lately I notice that some of my users try to use my emotes at Facebook. The problem here is that Facebook does not allow external graphics in comments.

So what you can do to share the emotes via Facebook
The easiest way is to follow Gomotes on Facebook, then simply share my new emotes with your friends.

If you want to use my emotes in messages. Save the emote on your harddrive and then use the attach file in your chats to submit the emote.

You can also copy the site link and add it to your chat.

  • For the sigh emoticon Sigh Emoticon by Gomotes
    add the site link: or use the URL code

At all it’s a bit frustrated, but there is no other chance at the moment.

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  • Mood: Confused Emoticon by Gomotes