Graphic Updates on Gomotes

Hello again.

I played a little bit around with some graphics, yesterday it’s nothing big. But I hope through these little changes we will get an improvement on Gomotes.

The small navigation points at the mainpage that will show you if an emoticon archive is new or updated have been changed into little emoticon points. The colors are a little bit different for what is updated.

Also the emoticon tool box, got some little new graphic additions. I hope with the graphics, it’s even more easier to recognize what happend, if you click on them. So the background buttons have a emoticon in it, so you see if you click on the dark button, the emoticon changed to a dark background. Also the little hearts, you could choose, if you like an emoticon, have changed into emoticons with the heart in them. I really hope on this way this tool is more used in the future. Because I’m interessted, if you like the emoticons I do.

I’ve done also a little update on the post navigation, for a better overview, to browse older articles, you can use the navigation under the article.

Maybe I made some little changes on other things, too. Or I tested some things. So don’t be confused if something is new. I wish you a nice day and I hope we read us soon.

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