Gomotes Review September 2013

Hello folks,

Times run and run and everytime I’ve the feeling I say the same. But in the end I’m happy that I can wrote here on this site. I get some suggestions for new emoticons and I really try to handle some of them. So stay in touch and don’t miss them, if I upload maybe some new emoticons. But let us now take a look back on some statistics from the last month…

Gomote of the Month

Shake Emoticon
Shake Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes

Overall 14 people was part of the Emoticon Battle in September.

Favourite emoticons from last month

+3 faves
Shake Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes

+1 fave
Batman Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes

+2 faves
Abduction Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes

+1 fave
Charles Montgomery Burns Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes
Mr. Burns

+1 fave
Cheer Up Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes
Cheer up

+1 fave
Take Me Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes
Take me

Overall 11 emoticons was added to faves in September.

  • You need some help with the fave feature on Gomotes? The following tutorial will help you: Add emoticons to faves.

Most viewed emoticons from last month

These emoticons was the most viewed emoticons in September.

  • Every emoticon on Gomotes have his own page, where you can found a lot of features you can use like: fave the emoticon, zoom into the emoticon, change background of the emoticon, all codes to use the emoticon in your conversations, share the emoticon or just leave a comment to the emoticon.

Top 5 emoticon archives

  • The emoticon archives offer you similiar emoticons for one topic, browse them to found more emoticons on Gomotes.

Most visitors on Gomotes come from

  • 1st United States
  • 2nd United Kingdom
  • 3rd Germany
  • 4th Philippines
  • 5th India
  • Overall Gomotes had visitors from 156 countries around the globe in September.

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  • A big thank to all of you for your support, it’s great to see that some people like my emoticons.

This was the review from September 2013 at Gomotes. Keep on smiling…

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