Gomotes Review October 2012

Hi folks,

following I wanted to let you know about some informations about what happend on Gomotes the last month. With Halloween we had some new emoticons on Gomotes. I really hope they was useful for your conversations. At the moment it’s amazing to see, how many people run through the site. So I hope you enjoy your stay…

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Gomote of the month

Chest High Emoticon
Chest High Emoticon by Gomotes

Overall 73 people was part of Octobers’s emoticon battle. Thanks to them!

Your favourite emoticons from last month

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Five Second Hug Emoticon by Gomotes

+1 fave
Rainbow Emoticon by Gomotes

+1 fave
Ohh no Emoticon by Gomotes
Ohh no

+1 fave
Zombie Emoticon by Gomotes

Overall 4 emoticons was added to faves in October.

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Most viewed emoticons from last month

Top 5 emoticon archives

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So this was Octobers’s review. I really you enjoy November on Gomotes cheers. Moustache Emoticon by Gomotes

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