Gomotes Review October 2011


it’s time to take a look back at the last month on Gomotes. With Halloween on 31. October, we got a lot of spooky monsters on Gomotes. Fitted to this occassion I released a Halloween emoticon set, what I’ve made in cooperation with Scary Movies. Also I take a closer look how you can use my emoticons on Facebook.

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Gomote of the month

Black Cat Emoticon
Black Cat Emoticon by Gomotes

The black cat emoticon have taken the victory and went into the Hall of Fame, overall 56 people voted at the emoticon battle. Thanks to them!

Don’t miss the actual emoticon battle: ghost vs. mummy
Two monsters fight for your vote.

Your favorite gomotes this month

The Top 5 emoticon archives

The most visitors come from

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  • United Kingdom

Now we have all facts and stats together, hope you liked the review and let us take a look forward what happend in November. Wish you all a great time with Gomotes.

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