Gomotes Review November 2012

Howdy guys,

another month is gone so it’s time to take a look back. What happend last month, which emoticon was your favourite ones and which emoticon won the emoticon battle. All these informations and more come up with this article…

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Gomote of the month

Michael Myers Stab Emoticon
Michael Myers Stab Emoticon by Gomotes

Overall 89 people was part of November emoticon battle. Thanks to them!

Your favourite emoticons from last month

+1 fave
Letter I Emoticon by Gomotes

+1 fave
X-Men Nightcrawler Emoticon by Gomotes

+1 fave
Sign Idea Emotion Animation by Gomotes
Sign Idea

Overall 3 emoticons was added to faves in November.

  • You need some help with the fave feature on Gomotes and wanted to know more informations about this feature? The following tutorial will help you: How to fave an emoticon?

Most viewed emoticons from last month

Top 5 emoticon archives

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This was the review on Gomotes, I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun with the emoticons. Wish you a nice day.

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  • Mood: Gangnam Style Emoticon by Gomotes

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