Gomotes Review May 2012

I’m a little bit late with the review from the last month on Gomotes. But now I had the time and now let us take a look back together. The Euro 2012 started last Friday and for this ocassion I made some special emoticons. You can support your favorite team with an emoticon flag or an emoticon fan drawn with the flag in his face. The last emoticons have two versions a sad and happy fan emoticon. For the first time they shoot a goal I uploaded a happy version and for the teams which take the goal they get a sad fan emoticon. I really hope you enjoy the emoticons and take them within your Euro 2012 conversations. So that your favorite country will get the victory…

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Letter A Emoticon
Letter A Emoticon by Gomotes

Overall 30 people was part of May’s emoticon battle. Thanks to them!

Don’t miss the actual emoticon battle: wave vs. air guitar

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So this was the review on Gomotes. Don’t forget to support your favorite country during the Euro 2012, just add some faves to your favorite nation.

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