Gomotes Review March 2013

Hi folks,

another month is gone and so we take a look back of what happened at Gomotes in March 2013. I must admit I’m damn lazy the last months. Also I’m unsure if I should submit a lot of old stuff I made over the last 10 years. Well we will see, if I could be more active and bring you fresh emoticons to Gomotes. So sit back and enjoy your full informations about Gomotes…

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Gomote of the Month

Jealous Emoticon
Jealous Emoticon by Gomotes

Overall 37 people was part of the Emoticon Battle in March.

Your favourite emoticons from last month

+2 faves
Gangnam Style Emoticon by Gomotes
Gangnam Style

+1 fave
Little c Emoticon by Gomotes
Little c

+1 fave
Love Gun Emoticon by Gomotes
Love Gun

Overall 3 emoticons was added to faves in March.

  • You need some help with the fave feature on Gomotes and wanted to know more informations about this feature? The following tutorial will help you: How to fave an emoticon?

Most viewed emoticons from last month

These emoticons was the most viewed emoticons on Gomotes in March.

  • Every emoticon on Gomotes have his own page, where you can found a lot of features you can use: like fave the emoticon, zoom into the emoticon, change background of the emoticon, all codes to use the emoticon in your conversations, share the emoticon or just leave a comment to the emoticon.

Top 5 emoticon archives

  • The emoticon archives offer you similiar emoticons for one topic, browse them to found more emoticons on Gomotes.

Most visitors on Gomotes come from

  • 1st United States
  • 2nd United Kingdom
  • 3rd India
  • 4th Philippines
  • 5th Germany
  • Overall Gomotes had visitors from 164 countries around the globe in March.

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  • A big thank to all of ou for your support, it’s great to see that some people like the work I do.

This was the review from March 2013 at Gomotes. Keep on smiling…

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