Gomotes Review June 2012

In June we had all emoticon eyes at the Euro 2012 tournament, there was a lot of fan emoticons to support your favorite nation during the tournament. Spain made it at the end and wrote history in several ways, congratulations for this. I really hope you enjoyed the emoticons I made for the tournament, two of them made it in this month emoticon battle. So this is the last chance to support your favorite nation and show them your love… As you know it, I’ll come with some other interessting facts from Gomotes. Have fun…

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Gomote of the month

Air Guitar Emoticon
Air Guitar Emoticon by Gomotes

Overall 45 people was part of June’s emoticon battle. Thanks to them!

Don’t miss the actual emoticon battle: spain vs. italy

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Another month is gone, till next month when we take a look together at the Review on Gomotes.

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