Gomotes Review February 2012

It’s time to take a look back at the last month on Gomotes. We got some nice new emoticon additions. For everyone which don’t know what emoticons you can use on Facebook I released the official Facebook emoticons codes you can use on chats and in private messages. Simply type the codes and it will appear these emoticons in your message. Just copy and paste the codes in your message.

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Gomote of the month

Kiss Emoticon
Kiss Emoticon by Gomotes

It seem the most of the users from Gomotes was in a lovely mood in February so the kiss emoticon get the title Emoticon of the month February 2012. Overall 48 people voted in last months emoticon battle. Thank you to these people.

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Two expressive emoticons fight in this month emoticon battle.

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So this was the overview over the last month some nice facts and statistics for you. So let us look forward what happend in march.

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