Gomotes Review August 2012


the last month is gone, so just take us a look back of what happend on Gomotes. We’ve got some great updates lately, the emoticon box get the URL addition, the emoticon tutorials get an update and also the text emoticons come with some update along. For my self the last month have changed everything. So I’m tense how the next months went out.

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Gomote of the month

Sign Idea Emoticon
Sign Idea Emotion Animation by Gomotes

Overall 43 people was part of August’s emoticon battle. Thanks to them!

Don’t miss the actual emoticon battle: bolt arms vs. fella

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8 emoticons was faved the last month.

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So this was the review from Gomotes. If you like the site share them with your friends, so that they don’t miss any emoticons for futher conversations.

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