Gomotes Review of 2013

Hey folks,

another year passed away and time flies around. Into this article I wanted to show you your most favourite emoticons, the most viewed emoticons, the best emoticon archives and where the most visitors come from on Gomotes in 2013. It’s an nice little overview so enjoy and take a look what have the users done the past year…

Users favourite emoticons in 2013

+6 faves
Gangnam Style Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes
Gangnam Style

+2 faves
Santa Blob Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes
Santa Blob

+2 faves
Disgusted Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes

+5 faves
Ohh no Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes
Ohh no

+2 faves
Little c Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes
Little c

+2 faves
Abduction Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes

+3 faves
Shake Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes

+2 faves
Love Gun Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes
Love Gun

+2 faves
Kiss Emoticon pixelled by Gomotes

Overall 101 emoticons was added to faves in 2013.

  • If you like an emoticon on Gomotes you could add a fave to it. If you need some help use this tutorial: How to fave an emoticon?

Users most viewed emoticons in 2013

These emoticons was the most viewed emoticons on Gomotes in 2013.

Top 10 emoticon archives in 2013

  • The emoticon archives offer you similiar emoticons for one topic, browse them to found more emoticons on Gomotes.

Most visitors on Gomotes in 2013 come from

  • 1st United States
  • 2nd United Kingdom
  • 3rd India
  • 4th Philippines
  • 5th Germany
  • 6th Canada
  • 7th Poland
  • 8th Australia
  • 9th France
  • 10th Malaysia
  • Overall Gomotes had visitors from 211 countries around the globe in 2013.

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2014 is here and I really hope the site stay alive and I could bring you some new emoticons here on Gomotes. Thank you for all the comments you sent to me and the support, I really hope everyone of you have a great year 2014! Keep on smiling…

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