Gomotes Questions and Answers Part I

As I noticed with my last poll at deviantART, the most of my watchers did not know what Gomotes is. So I try to give you a better view, over my emoticon project Gomotes.

What is this all about?
Gomotes is my personal playground, a site around my emoticon art, and emoticon related themes.

What does Gomotes mean?
Every little emoticon I design in my personal style is a gomote. I searched for a brand for my self made emoticons. And come up with Gomotes, I used the first two letters from my family name and combined it with emotes (formally known as emoticons).

Why you’ve started Gomotes?
Over the years I design emoticons in different styles. And more and more I wanted something unique, that based not on other works. As I reached my target with my unique emoticon style. I was looking for a brand for my emoticons. Just as you take a view on the emoticon and know, ahh this is the emoticon from a specific person. With Gomotes I finally found, what I was looking for.

What I can do on Gomotes?
There are some little nice features I added to Gomotes. Every emoticon I added to Gomotes can be used around the www, with an UBB Code for Forums or HTML Code for websites. You can take a preview how the emoticon would look on a light or dark background. If you like a emoticon you can add a fave to it, as you know it from dA. The more faves a emoticon get, the more chances this emoticon could be a candidate for following emoticon battles. This is another nice feature on Gomotes, every month we have a new emoticon battle on Gomotes and once a year there is the ultimate emoticon battle with all monthly winners and the winner from the previous year. And the best on it you choose with your vote which emoticon win the battle and went into the emoticon hall of fame. Also you can send emoticon requests or just leave comments on specific emoticons or themes.

Why you don’t use dA, to publish your emoticons?
I’ve started doing emoticons, before I join deviantART and at this time I had already a personal site with emoticons. I wanted that my emoticons can be used not only at dA, they should be used elsewhere in the www, too.

Why you changed the name from your emoticon pages over the years?
With my first steps I had only a emoticon archive with different emoticons from the www, and at this time SML World fitted really good for the project. As I started creating emoticons, I changed the name some time thereafter to Smileydesign, because with all the different styles I’ve done over the years it fitted better in my eyes. But as I reached to do my very own unique emoticon style, I searched for a brand for my emoticons. I started with SimpleSmile but personally I did not like it and finally with Gomotes I found what I was looking for.

Is Gomotes your last project?
Yes Gomotes is definitely my last personel emoticon project, I’m happy with it and I hope you enjoy the site, the same way as I do.

I hope it clarify a little bit what Gomotes is and if you like the work I’m doing just tell your friends about it or set a link back to my project.

If you’ve more questions about Gomotes, feel free to use the comments to ask me!

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