Gallery moves directly to Gomotes

Finally I’ve found a way to show you the newest gomotes directly on the main page from Gomotes. With new category emoticons, you’ve a overview over all emoticons I’ve published so far on Gomotes.

The best deal is that you’ve the whole functions, as we had in the gallery. With faves, background switch, ubb and html you found everything in the article.

Keep an eye on the colored box, you’ll find now in every emoticon article.
This is your place where you can do some nice things. If you like the emoticon, you can add a fave to it. You wanna know how the emoticon would look on a dark background use the little images dark or light. Tell your friends about your favorite emoticon and use the little share buttons, to send a email or publish it on twitter, facebook or delicious. Or just use them easily for your conversations and mark and copy the UBB or HTML code and paste it in your comments.

So I hope all work fine for you and you’ve a lot of fun with Gomotes.

I noticed that I’ve a little problem, with the colored box, you find the box now in every article. But the box should only apply in emoticon articles. I’m not sure how I can solve the problem now, but I look if I can handle the problem. If anyone have a answer for the problem, please contact me, thanks.

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