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Howdy folks,

I come up with an bigger update for all emoticons on Gomotes. You’ve now the option to use the URL of the emoticon, to show them easily on your Google+ or Tumblr.

With the URL tool we have at the moment three ways, how you can use the emoticons from Gomotes. With BBcode you can easily use the emoticons in boards where the BBcode is allowed. Then you can use the HTML snippet to use them directly into your blog, web pages, profiles or on your deviantART journals. With the newest URL, you can add the emoticons easily to your Google+ or Tumblr log.

  • Noticed that the webmaster allowed external graphics at his service, where you want to use the emoticons. If you’re a webmaster and wanted to style up your emoticons, please upload them to your own webspace. Also it would be nice to set an information, where the emoticons come from.

Every single emoticon on Gomotes have his own emoticon box, where you found all features you can use on Gomotes. With a single click on the emoticon into the emoticon archives or the emoticon article itself, will open the emoticon box. You found the box driectly under the emoticon and description text.

The emoticon box offer you also to fave the emoticon, zoom into the emoticon, preview on dark backgrounds, similiar emoticons with the emoticon archive and last but not least the option to share the emoticon via mail or twitter.

If you’ve questions you can use the comments to get in touch.

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