Emoticon Battle

The beloved emoticon battles have a new home. No more SimpleSmile, now is Gomotes the home of all new emoticon battles. It’s all the same nothing changed. Every month I try to add a new emoticon battle. All battle champions reach to the Hall of Fame.

You can choose out of 2 candidates, your favorite emoticon in this battle. With all twelve battle champions and the gomote of the year, we have to start of new year, the ultimate emoticon battle.

I only try to use the best emoticons. I always take a look at the emoticon gallery to see the most popular emoticons, these emoticons are candidates for following emoticon battles. Browse the batltle gallery to look up all emoticon battles.

Vote your favorite!
Scroll the site down and you’ll find the open emoticon battles, decide for your favorite emoticon, mark it and click on vote to submit your vote.

It is simple and easy, so I hope you’ve a lot of fun with the current emoticon battles.

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