Emoticon Appreciation Day

This event is celebrating over at deviantART. Emoticons help us every day to show our expressions online. So today is the day to give them something back. A day where we celebrate the existence of the emoticons. So try to speak with emoticons today more then usual.

There are a lot of emoticon related events today. Take a look yourself and be part of it at Emoticon Appreciation Day.

A big thank you goes out to Krissi001, which organized this event. Awesome Emoticon by Gomotes

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2 thoughts on “Emoticon Appreciation Day”
  1. hi, Ernie, :D i LOVE ALL YOUR CUTE EMOTICONS!1 LOVE THEM!1 I use them on my blog, wordpress, “whattoddowhiletheplanetdies,wordpress.org” and you can see me posting them with my articles. you make the best animated emoticons on the :) web. thanks so much, “wunderbar”!—sincerely, Doreet, in Eugene, Oregon USA ;) (do you want new :ideas for emoticons? :? )

  2. Hi doreet

    Glad you like my work. Sure you can submit some new emoticon ideas. I’ve an special site here on Gomotes where you can add your new ideas… Emoticon Request :)

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